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Пример запроса на лечение в Израиле

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Medical history


Cytological examination


Date 01.04.2010


Age 25 years

Diagnosis: multimodal nontoxic goiter.

Conclusion: 1 node : erythrocytes, bare cores, lymphoid elements of different maturity degree.

2 node : Colloid, multiply cells of makrofon type. Groups of  follicular epitheliums. It can be assumed the presence of goiter, possible mixed variant.

US test of thyroid body

Date 23.05.2010


Age 25 years


Contours: smooth, clear. It‘s located  typical. Capsula isn‘t changed.


Left part

Length 6,26 sm

Width 1, 72 sm

Frontal-back size 1,76 sm

Volume 9,07 sm3

Right part

Length 6,33 sm

Width 1, 63 sm

Frontal-back size 2,39 sm

Volume 11,87 sm3

Isthmus thickness 0,42 sm

Total volume of thyroid bode 20, 98 sm3

Parenchyma is of high echogenicity. Echostructure id diffusive nonuniform with hypoechoic inclusions. In the right part there are focal lesions with impaired echogenicity, with clear smooth contours, nonuniform by structure, with size 0,9x0,57sm, 1,62x1,55 sm, in the left part- analogous mass, with clear smooth contours, with size 1,46x0,95 sm

Conclusion: diffusive changes of thyroid body. Focal lesions with limited growth of the both parts.

Blood test (hormone)

Date 01.02.2010


Age 25 years

TSH 1,63  pIU/ml

T3 free  5,88  pmol/L

T4 free 1 5,1  pmol/ L

Ab TPO   1,653 IU/mL

US test of thyroid body

Date 26.01